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Historical Overview

The Faculty was established based on ministerial decree No. 454 issued on May 25, 1989. It was affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education according to the attached first bylaw of 1989. At the beginning it included four departments that had academic divisions: Art Education, Musical Education, Home Economics and Education Technology in addition to a fifth department with no divisions that was Educational and Psychological Sciences

In 1995\1996, Department of Education Technology had two divisions: General Technology and Computer.

In 1991\1992, Department of Educational Media had two divisions: Journalism and Theatre.

The second bylaw of the Faculty was issued under the umbrella of Ministry of Higher Education which stipulated that there were two semesters based on the ministerial decree No. 150 of February 19, 1990. It is attached.

The third bylaw was issued in 1995 to apply the two-semester system instead of one semester.

According to republican decree No. 329 of October 8, 1998, the Faculty became affiliated to the University and included five departments, seven divisions and the sixth Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences with no divisions. Now, the Faculty applies the fourth bylaw issued based on the ministerial decree No. 1085 on July 26, 2000.

 Faculty Descriptive Data

 Title of Faculty:  Specific Education

 Kind: Faculty

 Affiliated to: Tanta University

 Kind of University: Governmental

 Location: Gharbia governorate, Tanta

 Foundation Date: It was established according to the ministerial decree issued on May 25, 1989.

Duration of Study: Four years

Language of Study: Arabic

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